Hasta Luego San Diego

Today at zero dark thirty in the AM,  I departed one of the most wonderful cities on the planet (at least I think so)  San Diego, California!  I spent about 5 weeks and had a great time!  Bertha and I departed at 02:30 in the AM, that’s early even for military standards!  I wanted to avoid the mid-day heat of Yuma, Az and avoid traffic on HW 8.  I am happy to report that I avoided both traffic and the heat, and never had to use the air-conditioning during the entire 7 hour trip.  Along the way I stopped in Quartzite, Az to fill up with gas (diesel) and to my surprise the entire town was without power!  No power….no fuel!  Yep that’s right, a bad storm hit hours before I arrived and took out the power.  As I continued my journey to Prescott, Az along HW 60,  I thought, how can an entire town be without power?  It’s not possible,  oh yes it is…. I soon noticed how and why.  About 20 miles north east of Quartzite along HW 60,  I passed 15 or more telephone poles split in half and the power lines on the ground?  about a dozen large power company trucks were working to restore power.  So that brings me to a short rant of sorts… If you are not prepared for a natural disaster (not to mention manmade disasters) then you should probably think about preparing!  How about getting a small generator, stocking some H2O,  food etc…. I mean it might just happen to you like it did to the people of Quartzite, Az early this morning.
I am now sitting at the “Raven Cafe” in Prescott drinking a coffee and getting ready to explore Prescott (or Press-Kit) as it’s properly pronounced.  Does anyone have any suggestions of what to see and do in Prescott?  I promise lots of pictures in the next few days.


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