Day Hike Essential Gear

Today I took another hike.  I didn’t go very far, about 3 miles, but I still took a small kit with me that contains essential gear for even a short hike (See picture below).

List of Items;
– “Camelback” Hydration System, holds 3 liters of water and other essential gear listed below.
– First Aid Kit (I attach it to the bottom of the camelback backpack with small snap links).
-Ace Bandage / sling bandage.
-“Steripen” water purifier.
-Water purification tablets.
-Folding Knife.
-Latex Gloves, 2 pairs.
-Head Lamp.
-Signal Mirror.
-Signal Whistle

Not Shown in picture but carried in my pockets or on my person;
-MRE toilet paper (always welcome, even on the shortest hikes especially after eating burritos).
-550 para-cord, 20 ft.
-Energy Bar or two.
-Cell phone.

All gear fits into the “Camelback” backpack or the First Aid Kit that attaches to the backpack.

Water is life and I believe that some way to purify water is essential.  The “Steripen” unit I have comes with a solar case that charges it and can also charge my cell phone when necessary.
Why a headlamp instead of a flashlight?  Because a headlamp allows you to keep your hands free to work with or break your fall.  Why a big First Aid Kit, I just like it!


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