The Time is Right for Buying an RV and Hitting The Road!

Many friends of mine tell me that they would really like to hit the road in a small RV like I am doing,
 but…. “they are waiting for the right time…..”
To them the “right time” is when gas is “cheap” again (not going to happen) and the housing market gets better in order for them to sell their homes for a nice profit?
I’m an optimist and still believe America has many great decades ahead, but, the housing market may take a decade or longer to improve and our days of $3.00 dollars a gallon gas are long gone!  So why wait, if you can make some changes in your life, now is as good a time as any to go for it.  I recently went to an RV show in San Diego, California and prices for used RVs are great!  Because of the tough economic times, many people are selling their boats, RVs and other toys at great prices.  If you spend a little time searching the web you can find some great deals on small RVs.

Below is more motivation for you to hit the road, it’s an example of what your backyard, just out your RV, can look like……


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