Bigfoot Meets an Alien…. Alien Visits a Brothel… 2011

I am probably like most Americans (I hope….).  I have never seen a Bigfoot nor an Alien.  But this trip I saw both a Bigfoot and an Alien…..

North of Las Vegas about 45 mins drive, I stopped to fuel-up and saw an Alien and a Brothel…. hmmm… maybe that’s why the Aliens visit Nevada… the Brothels… and it has nothing to do with the top secret Military Base “Area 51” near Nellis Air-force Base?

The drive West on HW 266 offers beautiful views of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, below:

Bertha handled the mountains like a champ.  She had no problems on the way up or down.


Hoover Dam and Las Vegas… 2011

After a wonderful few days in Santa Fe and Taos New Mexico we continued west to Flagstaff, Arizona.  I love Flagstaff and hope to spend a few more days exploring the city and surrounding area later on during this trip.  My guest wanted to see Las Vegas and San Francisco so we continued west.

The pictures above and below are of course from the Hoover Dam, the water level is low.  Too bad we don’t have an easy way to ship water from East of the Mississippi out west to the drought areas.  I know my home state of Kentucky has had too much rain this year.

Below, Bertha found another Fiberglass-Friend from Canada, a “Northern-Lite” Truck Camper.

In Vegas we stayed at the Circus-Circus KOA Campground right on the Las Vegas Strip.  The Campground was about $50.00 a night for full hook-ups.  Best thing was the location, we were able to catch the bus for a few dollars to go to any casinos on the strip.

Above and below, Bertha is enjoying some much needed rest at the Circus-Circus KOA Campground in Las Vegas Nevada while I attempt to win a few dollars from the one armed bandits…..


Update; New Pocket Camera 2011

It has been a week or so since my last blog entry.  My excuse, my 6 year old Fuji pocket camera bit the dust last week.  I purchased a new small canon PowerShot camera but when I tried to upload pictures onto my Mac Book it didn’t work because my Mac operating system was 4 years old. It’s always something with computers and cameras.  I now have everything worked out so I hope to provide some good pictures for the rest of this trip.