A Walk in the Park.

As I have mentioned before,  I really enjoy Balboa Park in San Diego!  It’s a great place to just walk and take in the sights without spending a dime!  This morning I decided to walk in a different direction and noticed many new sights.  Try it, if you normally walk the same route on a regular basis, try going in another direction, you’d be surprised how many new sights you see!


Time For a New Hat.

I have never really been a “hat-guy.”  But after living many years in such places as the Mojave Desert, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Equatorial Guinea West Africa, and the fact that I am fair-skinned, I decided it’s probably a good time to invest in a hat.  So today I went to the “Village Hat Shop” in San Diego and bought a “Henschel” Aussie Mesh Hat.  It’s light-weight and really does keep the sun of my face!


Downtown San Diego.

Below, a view of the San Diego skyline from Banker’s Hill.

Above, the Gaslamp District San Diego, California


Fried Kool-Aid

I attended the “Del Mar Fair” today, in Del Mar, California, just 20 mins north of San Diego.  This year the fair goes until July 4th so there is still plenty of time to go if you feel the urge.
I am always surprised by the latest “food craze.”  This year it seems to be “Fried Kool-Aid.”  It was deep fried dough balls with “Kool-Aid.”  They tasted pretty good!

Above, one of the food stalls serving, among other fried delicacies, fried Kool-Aid.  Notice how you can still get fried Twinkies if you don’t want those Frog Legs!
Below, fried Kool-Aid at the Del Mar Fair.


A Great Cup of Coffee While in San Diego…..

I love great coffee and found a place in San Diego to enjoy a cup.  “Cafe Vergnano 1882” is located at 3850 5th Ave, San Diego, Ca, 93102 in the Uptown District.   Below is a link to their website.  Give their coffee a try, I’m sure you will enjoy it!



The Time is Right for Buying an RV and Hitting The Road!

Many friends of mine tell me that they would really like to hit the road in a small RV like I am doing,
 but…. “they are waiting for the right time…..”
To them the “right time” is when gas is “cheap” again (not going to happen) and the housing market gets better in order for them to sell their homes for a nice profit?
I’m an optimist and still believe America has many great decades ahead, but, the housing market may take a decade or longer to improve and our days of $3.00 dollars a gallon gas are long gone!  So why wait, if you can make some changes in your life, now is as good a time as any to go for it.  I recently went to an RV show in San Diego, California and prices for used RVs are great!  Because of the tough economic times, many people are selling their boats, RVs and other toys at great prices.  If you spend a little time searching the web you can find some great deals on small RVs.

Below is more motivation for you to hit the road, it’s an example of what your backyard, just out your RV, can look like……


Meatballs in Paradise!

Since I’m not 25 years old any more, I actually think about the food I’m going to eat.  The days of eating an entire large sausage and pepperoni pizza without feeling the consequences are long gone.  I now realize that what I eat will impact my mid-section.  That’s not to say I eat like a bird, I don’t…. well maybe I do… a turkey vulture perhaps.  But seriously, I do try to eat healthy but I never say NO to my favorite dishes.

Below is a wonderful plate of penne pasta with homemade meatballs, courtesy of my San Diego host, Dave.  Dave is a great cook and a super-great friend!  Thanks Dave!


San Diego, California

I’ve spent the last 10 days in beautiful San Diego, California.  A great city that really does offer something for everyone.  You can be drinking coffee at the beach at 10:00 AM and 2 hours later (or less) be in the mountains of the Cleveland National Forest at 7,500 ft elevation having lunch.  There are great museums, parks, shopping, restaurants and live entertainment located relatively close together in San Diego.  Unlike LA, the San Diego freeways are very manageable and pretty easy to navigate.

Visitors to San Diego should not miss a visit to Balboa Park, home to the San Diego Zoo and half a dozen museums and wonderful gardens.  Just park your car in the free lots located in the park, grab your camera and walk for a few hours through the well manicured gardens and museums.

Above, the main entrance to Balboa Park in San Diego, California.

Balboa Park was the result of civic foresight dating back to 1868, thanks to some generous individuals!

Above, one of Balboa Parks many beautiful gardens.

Above, the reflecting pool in front of the Botanical Garden at Balboa Park.

A day in Balboa Park will never disappoint!


Carson City, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco and Monterey, Ca.

After a brief encounter with an Alien north of Las Vegas,  I decided to head toward California.  My travel buddy had never been to California.  I wanted him to see as much as possible in 4 days ( I know not enough time to do this great state justice).  We traversed the Nevada and California Sierras and stopped for lunch in Big Pine.  Then we headed north to take HW 120 into Yosemite but that route was closed…. (too much snow…in late May?) so we continued to Carson City for the night.  Along the way we drove through Bridgeport, California and gas was $5.19 a gallon….WOW.  Fortunately Bertha wasn’t thirsty so we waited to fill up where gas was closer to $4.20 a gallon.  We then drove the Tahoe Loop and down into Sacramento and westward to San Francisco.  Has anyone ever driven a Truck Camper on the hilly, narrow streets of San Francisco?  This was my first time and it was exciting to say the least.  The worst thing is when you are deep in the middle of the city, trying to navigate the one way streets in a 5 ton truck and see numerous signs that read… “no vehicles over 3 ton”  WTF……  So we only stayed in the city for a few hours.  Enough time to see Fisherman’s Wharf, The Golden-gate and a few neighborhoods.  I continued toward the coast taking HW 1 to Santa Cruz and then Monterey.  I love Santa Cruz, to me, a true California Beach Community!  We spent the night in Monterey, another great California town!

Above, Bertha takes a break on 17 Mile Drive near Pacific Grove, California.
Below,  another view of the Pacific Ocean in Pacific Grove, California.

Don’t miss a bowl of clam chowder at Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey, California.