Sofitel Hotel, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, Africa

The Sofitel Hotel in Malabo,  Equatorial Guinea, Africa is probably the nicest hotel in town.  The hotel amenities include a pool, weight room, restaurant / bar and laundry service to name a few.  The A/C always works and there is plenty of hot water, which is not always true in some other area hotels.  


A Bubi Christmas 2010

I have celebrated Christmas in Asia, Europe, South America and now Africa.  I must say, my Malabo Christmas has been the most unique.  I was invited to a Christmas Day Party that included a Dance Presentation from a Bubi Dance Troop.  What a wonderful experience, one I will long remember!


The Bubi people, also known as VooveBobesBoobesBoobeesAdeejahsAdijasEdiyasErisFernando PoansFernandians, and Bantu Speaking Bubi, are an African ethnic group, members of the Bantu group, who are indigenous to Bioko IslandEquatorial Guinea. Once the majority group in the region, the population experienced a sharp decline due to disease and outright killing sprees during Portuguese expedition. Once numbering over 3 million, the Bubi currently number less than 100,000 world wide making them an endangered people.
The Bubi people have long held little political power. However recently appointed government officials such as the former Prime Minister Miguel Abia Biteo Borico and several other members of the current Equatorial Guinea government are of ethnic Bubi descent.
Most Bubi people that remain on Bioko Island speak the Bube language, with many speaking Spanish as a secondary language.
Here are a few pictures of the dancers:


Progress on a Small Tropical Island Called Bioko.

Today, I took a drive to “Punta Hermosa.”  That means “Beautiful Point” in Spanish.  It’s located about a 30 min drive East of Malabo on the North East tip of Bioko Island.  The area is undergoing some major construction, a conference center, a hospital, a new Sofitel Hotel are being built and the jungle is being cleared along the coast to make way for a beach.  Punta Hermosa is going to be a first class tourist destination when it’s complete in the next year.  Equatorial Guinea will host the African Union Summit in the Summer of 2011 and “Punta Hermosa” will be the center-piece of a long list of improvements!

The above picture shows the conference center in the background and the dredge boat working on the beach.

The above picture is taken from the other direction, a few Equato-guineans seem to be enjoying the new beach!