Adios “La Luna.”

It looks like “La Luna” Restaurant in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, Africa is closing the doors… too bad, it was a wonderful place to eat great food.  What will replace it…?


View of the Port of Malabo

This week, while enjoying dinner at “La Luna” restaurant I noticed how beautiful the Port of Malabo looked.  I really enjoy the food at “La Luna” and unfortunately the rumor is that it will close its doors this weekend.  That’s too bad because it has been one of the best restaurants in town!


The Great Flood

Today, Friday 22 Oct 2010, the rain came down in buckets.  I happened to be at lunch at a sandwich shop when it started to pour.  The streets soon became fast moving rivers.  Taxi drivers were happy as their business increases every time it rains.  I fortunately had a ride available from a co-worker who picked me up and got me back from lunch to my office.  The locals that work at my hotel always complain that after a heavy rain they have 6″ of mud to sludge through just to come to work.  Paved roads that we take for granted are a luxury in much of the world.  Little things like a heavy rain causes you to be thankful for what you have all too often taken for granted.  Let the sun shine!


Bats…Bats… everywhere….

Monday, 18 Oct – Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, Africa.
It’s raining bats… this morning the wind began to blow really hard.  The bats, who occupy the palm trees took flight.  I looked toward the sky and at first thought there were thousands of crows in the sky… but soon realized they were the bats.  It was quite a sight.  It reminded me of the movie “Wizard of Oz.”  Remember the Flying Monkeys, well the Malabo Bats are not quite as big but close.  It’s still raining as I type, but the bats have taken their upside down perches back in the trees.


Sipopo, Bioko Norte, Equatorial Guinea, Africa

Saturday, 16 Oct… Time to swim in the ocean.  I mean man, I am living and working on an island.  A swim in the ocean is free (well almost… need to get there first, driving today).  So, 2 friends and I pack our masks, fins and snorkels and headed to Sipopo, about 40 min drive from downtown Malabo.  Sipopo will soon have a 5 Star Hotel, Conference Center and much more.  So before access is restricted or costs a parking fee we decided to explore now!  We swam out to a small island about 300 meters off the coast and explored the lava-rock formations.  There were thousands of beautiful fish, of all shapes and sizes!  We ran into 2 fishermen is dug-out canoes, with nothing more than fishing line and hooks.  Who needs 100 dollar fishing poles?  At least not these two guys.  After a strong dose of sunshine and a few mouthfulls of sea water we decided to call it a day.


Semper Traveling

 I decided to start a Blog.  I want to share my travels with other adventurous souls.